The marketing process and distribution of products for Saudi Chevron Phillips and Jubail Chevron Phillips is through the US partner CPChem. CPChem also handles the marketing process of SPCo products.

The distribution of SPCo products are been handled by Gulf Polymers Distribution Company FZCo located in Dubai.

Saudi Chevron Phillips (SCP)​

SCP Benzene is consumed by SCP and JCP in Jubail whereas Cyclohexane is distributed to many parts of the world, including North America, Asia and Europe.

Jubail Chevron Phillips (JCP)

Some JCP products are sold in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but most are exported to Asia and Europe.

Saudi Polymers Company (SPCo)​

A growing proportion of Saudi Polymers Company products are sold locally but the majority are sold in international markets including Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

We strive each day to conduct our business in a safe, secure, injury free and incident free, and an environmentally responsible manner. We are committed to comply with all laws and regulations applicable to our business activities; we also strive to make optimal use of the resources we consume and minimize emissions and waste; we strive to limit the risks of our products throughout their life cycle. We are committed to reducing risks in our operations to safeguard our employees, contractors and the communities where we operate. We will openly communicate our results and welcome the input of regulatory agencies, our community, our customers, and other interested stakeholders.

We will accomplish this by integrating Environmental Health, Safety, Security Reliability And Quality into our management processes and by setting goals and targets for continuous improvement and auditing for compliance, we will integrate and deploy the Operational Excellence Management System in compliance with the local regulatory and government agencies of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

S-Chem believes that all environmental risks can be controlled and that pollution accidents can be avoided. So it has developed programs for managing the operational systems including environmental programs to ensure work without incidents. It has also prepared all of its product stations considering all environmental requirements and rules supplying them with modern systems and necessary environmental equipment to preserve environment from pollution according to the national goals in this regard.

S-Chem as an organization in the petrochemical field, believes that the excellent performance and commitment of protecting Environment, Health and Safety is essential matter for the success of its operations in all levels.

We, at S-Chem persuade all of our employees to follow the necessary procedures to avoid injuries and vocational diseases stopping risks at the work site completely. We realize the importance of environmental control, so the company organizes many programs.